Montgomery County Maryland Government

Points of Dispensing (PODs)

Medication Distribution During a Public Health Emergency

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare myself, my family and my friends for a public health emergency?
Please visit Montgomery County Government’s Plan to Be Safe website ( for simple steps you, your family, and your friends can take. Make sure you keep a current list of all medications and allergies for you and your family.
How can I volunteer to help at a POD?
If you would like to volunteer, please visit the Maryland Responds website:
What if English is not my first language?
Every effort will be made to provide interpreters at each POD. Every effort will also be made to provide information sheets in languages other than English.
Can I go to a hospital to pick up my medication or receive my vaccination?
No. DO NOT go to a hospital for your medication/vaccination. The hospitals will not have medication/vaccination for the general public. Only go to a hospital if you require medical attention or are otherwise directed by public health officials.
Are the PODs safe?
Law Enforcement presence will be at each POD to direct traffic and provide security.
How long should I expect to be at a POD?
Montgomery County Government will work to make the POD process as quick and efficient as possible. However, due to the large volume of people expected at each POD, please be ready for long lines. Your patience will be much appreciated.
What if I do not live in Montgomery County?
You do not have to be a Montgomery County resident to pick up medication at a POD located in Montgomery County.
Do I need to bring a form of identification (ID) to pick up medication?
No. You do not need identification (ID) to pick up medication at a POD, all persons will be served.
Do I need health insurance to pick up medication or receive a vaccination?
No. You do not need health insurance to pick up medication or receive a vaccination at a POD.
How much will the medication/vaccination cost?
All PODs will provide the medication/vaccination for free, there will be no charge and you will not be billed.
What information should I bring to a POD?

For EACH person you are picking up medication for please write down the following:

  • Name (First and last)
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Food Allergies (e.g. eggs)
  • Medication Allergies (e.g. doxycycline, ciproflaxin, amoxycilin, etc)
What should I do before I go to a POD?
  • Use the restroom (facilities will be very limited at POD sites)
  • Download, print, and fill out any documents as instructed by Montgomery County Government
  • Collect information from household and other people you are picking up medication for (see question 6).
  • Dress appropriately for the weather and for possible long lines.
  • Pack snacks and water
  • Fill up vehicle with gas (traffic lines could be very long)
Will there be enough medication/vaccination for me and my household?
Montgomery County Government will take all necessary steps to have enough medication or vaccination for all persons in the County.
Who can I pick up medication for at a POD?
In some instances you may be able to pick up medication for yourself and anyone in your household. Montgomery County Government may encourage residents to pick up medication on behalf of neighbors you know who may have difficulty getting to a POD. During a public health emergency check this website and other media outlets for more information.
Who should go to a POD?
In some instances you may be asked to send a household representative (someone over the age of 12) to pick up medications for others. In other circumstances everyone may be asked to come to the POD. During a public health emergency check this website and other media outlets for more information.
Which POD should I go to?
You may go to any public POD listed on this website. Please go to Find A Nearby POD to find a list of all PODs.